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Welcome to the official website of The Impreuna Network Romania


‚ÄúDeveloping Combined Arts Field in Romania‚ÄĚ




Developing Combined Arts Field in Romania

Community Arts Activities and Therapies for
People with Special Needs

General Presentation

The Community Arts Network exists to bring together both practitioners and beneficiaries who are involved in Community Arts for people with special needs.

The network consists of over 700 members from Romania and abroad, professionals working in various fields: educators, psychologists, carerers, doctors, nurses, teachers specialized for children with special needs, and so on, but also parents of the children with special needs, all of whom use combined arts techniques in their everyday life and activity. The common goal of all these people is to improve the life of their beneficiaries. This fields started to develop in Romania ever since 1990, when specialists from abroad working with Romanian professionals started to explore the possibilities of using arts as an answer to the various needs of people with special needs within the Romanian institutions.

Through the use of Handicraft, Music, Movement and Dance, Drama, Play, Puppetry, and many other innovative activities, the Romanian Community Arts Network was informally established in 2004, following the second national conference for people using arts and play as a means of dealing with the problems of the special needs sector, both mental and physical.

People who worked in this field had mentioned of how isolated they felt and how they needed training, new methods, information and contact with others professionals doing similar work.

The Network's mission is to work together towards achieving the following objectives:
- to encourage self-esteem and recognition for people with disabilities
- to enable people with disabilities to reach their full potential
- to help change community attitudes towards people with disabilities
- to facilitate full community integration for people with disabilities
- to obtain accredited training for those working through arts and play
- to work with graduate specialists in the fields of art and play therapy

The Network has successfully applied for accreditation to work in the field of Social Assistance in the sub-group ‚ÄúCare and Assimilated Staff‚ÄĚ. The network is working with various Governmental Bodies in the preparation of training schedules, curriculums and standards.

This website is intended to be a useful tool to help the network develop and bring the best care possible to those who are all too often in the lowest margins of society. Please use the facilities offered by this website to inform yourself and to contribute with your opinions to the development of this needy sector. We appreciate any feedback you might want to send us regarding the future development of arts and play therapy in Romania. Thank you!

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu