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Community Arts Activities and Therapies for People with Special Needs

Welcome to The Website of The Impreuna Network Romania

The Community Arts Network exists to bring together both practitioners and beneficiaries who are involved in Community Arts for those with special needs.

There has been a lot of development in this field including input and training from foreign specialists who practise different forms of arts programmes using:

Art, Music, Movement and Dance, Drama, Play, Puppetry,
…and many others.

The Romanian Community Arts Network was set up in 2004 following the second national conference for those working through the arts for people with disability – both mental and physical.

People who worked in this field related how isolated they felt and how they needed training, new methods, information and contact with others doing similar work.

The Network’s aim is to work together for:

- self advocacy for those with disability
- to enable those with disability to reach their full potential
- to help change community attitudes to those with disability
- for those with disability to take their full part in community life
- accredited training for those working through the arts for people with special needs
- to work with graduate specialists in the fields of art and music therapy

The Combined Arts Worker

The Network has successfully applied for accreditation to work in the field of Social Assistance in the sub-group “Care and Assimilated Staff”. The network is working with various ministries in the preparation of training schedules and standards.

This webpage is an introduction only. Sorry but the rest of the website is in Romanian. It is a well used and lively tool to help the newtork develop and bring the best care possible to those who are all too often in the lowest margins of society.

For full information on our activities and to discuss anything please contact our friends in the UK the Relief Fund for Romania on Telephone +44 20 8761 2277