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drama therapy

Drama therapy (or therapy through theatre) means to apply the techniques and means that are specific to theatre, into the group therapy for special needs persons.

Drama therapists work in psychiatric hospitals, prisons and special schools, and also in the community. Although essentially Drama therapy is a group activity, it can also be applied to persons individually.**

Using marionettes theatre in therapy is a way to develop expression and communication of children and adults, in case there are difficulties in their direct verbal communication. This type of theatre is usually integrated in the practice of drama therapy and it is not considered a therapeutically practice of its own.

** This is a profession that is officially recognised in Great Britain having the title of “protected status”; this can be used if only the person practicing is registered at the National Council for professions in Health field.
Through the kindness of Dr. Sue Jennings, Rowan Romania

Psychodrama as a method of work with groups of parents and children
Catalina Hetel, asistent social, Centrul de Psihologie de Actiune si Psihoterapie, Bucuresti - 2008-Jun-12

In the Centre for Action Psychology and Psychotherapy we run 2 projects called “The land of spontaneity” and “What is like to be a mother, projects that started from our work experience, as we had often come across with psychological problems that parents and children were unaware of in their relationship.

... details

Theatre as a method to involve the community(II)
Adrian Secal, Coordonator proiect - 2008-Jun-2

“Audience as actors, fighting against discrimination”

This is the name of the project funded by Vodafone and run by Chance for Life Foundation, in partnership with Kolping Association in Bacau for the period November 2006- July 2007.

... details

Theatre as a method to involve the community
Adrian Secal - 2007-Dec-13

Changing attitudes through theatre is one method that can help us all in our work in different domains of the society.

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Cinderella beyond the stage
Marcela Andrei - 2007-Dec-11

Drama techniques helping AIDS and disabled children to overcome their problems.

... details

Dramatherapy for all!
Mihai Razus
Actor si presedinte
“Art Free Zone“, Bucuresti - 2006-Nov-9

My name is Mihai Razus and I am an actor. Until 2000 I thought that Acting and Drama only serve to relax the individual or to entertain and audience. I am glad to see that this art expands beyond these boundaries.

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