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dance and movement

Dance and movement

Dance and movement therapy acts through `body in movement` in order to give the opportunity to express the physical and psychological potential. This type of therapy applies both in adults and children cases, in any location where persons with special needs are.

It is a recognized profession in Great Britain that enjoys the status of `protected title` - this title can be used only by the person registered at the Health Professions Council.

Dr. Sue Jennings, Rowan Romania

Dance and movement therapy
Cristina Muntean
Asociatia “Casa Faenza”, Timisoara - 2007-Jan-19

Movement is a universal way of communication and a lever of development beginning with the sensory-motor level up to the relational one. This article focuses on the importance of the use of movement and dance in the therapy of children with Special Educational Needs (S.E.N) and also reveals details related to the use of mirror in this sort of therapy.

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The beauty of Dance
Chiliment Valerica, director
Pop Ion, analist
Scoala pentru Copii cu deficiente de vedere Bucuresti - 2007-Jan-19

The School for Sight Deficient People located in Austru Street grants education and support to more than 200 students with different levels of sight deficiency. During the last years the school’s base of technology and material has risen a lot due to a project of modernization of the European Bank of Investments. The project “Step in two” –financed by the National Authority of Persons with Handicap- starting with the summer of 2007; it is a vast project whose purpose is to integrate through dance people with sight deficiencies.

(Many thanks to the volunteers from Chance for Life Foundation for helping with the translation of this article!)

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Dance – a method of recreation and socialization of children with auditory deficiencies
Doina Petre
Asistent social
Centrul de plasament “Colt Alb”, Bucuresti - 2007-Jan-19

The promotion and support of children with auditory deficiencies is a unique experience, a continuous struggle against denial and rejection. Wishing to overcome this situation, we decided to create o dancing team called “The Rhythm of Silence”, formed by hypoacoustic children.

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