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experience exchange

Description of project `Experience exchange within the Network`, for the members that want to submit an application

About the project
The project visit exchange in the Network was created at the wish and using the valuable suggestions made by the members of the network themselves. Members are encouraged to visit different activities- Models of Good practice in stimulation/ therapy through arts- that are based in cities across Romania, and that belong either to state institutions or to NGO sector.
The network will offer its members the necessary resources to unfold these visits. The chosen Models of Good practice will be promoted on our site, within the section Projects- “Experience Exchange”.

Aim of project
-members to benefit from information on how they can start their own project in arts having the example of a Good practice
- to put in direct contact the members in a valuable idea exchange
- to stimulate the innovative spirit in the Domain through Arts

What is a visit of experience exchange?
The selected persons, named here Visitors, receive a document with necessary information to make this: address and contacts of the institution, public transportation to the institution (where possible), a suggestion of accommodation/ or an already established one, a programme of the visit.
The network offers a two days visit programme. Visitors have the obligation to set the dates and hours of arrival/ departure in/ from the visited cities so that they are in accordance with visit and accommodation programme.

Transportation: The Visitor sets all by himself the transportation means to the city and inside the city to the location and is in charge with buying the tickets. The transportation can be made with personal car as well. But we do not accept other persons than those selected to be Visitors (e.g. a driver so on)
Inside the city of the Location to be visited, the Visitor can use public transportation as well as the taxi.

Accommodation: it will be specified if this is already established or if the Visitor must find one by himself. In most cases the network will indicate a Hotel. The Visitor has the obligation to verify in advance with one week the booking directly with the hotel and other details.

Meals: the network assures funds for 2 meals / a day, apart from the breakfast that is included at Hotel.

The visit into the locations: the informative document we provide contains a programme of the 2 days visit. Yet a final programme can be discussed directly by the Visitor with the representatives of the locations.

The network has an agreement with each visited location that regulates all issues concerning this project.

Regulations during the visit: the Visitor must entirely follow the inside regulations of the visited location. Aspects related to video, audio recording or photo taking of various instances / persons from inside the location must be discussed with legal representatives of the location. Also, that institution sets the confidentiality level of the offered information.

Financial resources: details concerning the financial aspects and the way we sign contracts with Visitors, please contact Daniel Hristea on the mobile: 0728 142 394 or through the email daniel@impreuna.arts.ro

The network will ask for the needed in accountancy documents (e.g. train/ bus tickets, fuel bills, accommodation receipts) all having the date of the visit.

Expected results of the visit: following the visit, the Visitor must
-send an article on the visit, what has improved in his activity and gained in knowledge, suggestions (the article will be published on the magazine and on the site)
- send the financial report that shows clearly the expenses during the visit

Form for application: members that wish to apply for this project must fill in the Application form. Selected members must take a leave from their institution.
Regulations for members to apply to the project “Experience exchange”

-applicants must be members of the Community Arts network (directly or at least employed by an Institution member
-the application is registered individually, on behalf of a person (not an institution)
-applicants must study the General presentation of the Project in order to know and agree on the details (it is published in magazine no. 12 or on the site of the Network)
-applicants must study the presentation of the Locations (published on the site of the Network) and choose a location to visit
-applicants must fill in the Form and send it through email ( impreuna@impreuna.arts.ro) or mail (OP 1- 1710, Sacele 505600, Brasov)
-the form can be found on site (see above), or requested through email
-there is no limit set as dead-line.

Assessment and selection:
Applicants will be assessed and selected on the basis of application form. All aplicants will receive an answer.

`Vis de copil` Centre in Craiova
Proiecte schimb de experienta- prezentare locatie 8 - 2008-Jun-3

Community Services Complex for little children with sevre handicap `Vis de copil` Craiova, in Dolj county, runs Visual Arts activities (painting, collage so on). Sessions last for 30 minutes, 3 sessions / day. The team applying is made up of – educator and education instructor. Beneficiaries are children aged between 1 and 6 years, with severe handicap.

Adress: Craiova , Str, Corneliu Coposu , nr. 107

... details

Ancora Salvarii Foundation
Proiecte schimb de experienta- prezentare locatie 6 - 2008-Feb-14

Ancora Salvarii foundation it is a Christian organization, non-profit, that has as aim the help of the people in difficulty, especially the disabled persons with chronicle diseases (ex. mental deficiencies, autism) no matter the race, the religion the nationality so on..

... details

C.A.R.T.H.A. (Assistance centre for the recovery of young Disabled)
Proiecte schimb de experienta- prezentare locatie 5 - 2008-Feb-14

CARTHA offers recovery services, counselling and socialization at European standards, for a group of young disabled.

... details

Hospice Casa Sperantei
Proiecte schimb de experienta- prezentare locatie 7 - 2008-Feb-14

`Inside of children there is a world full of surprises and miracles and almost all the time, we, the adults, consider that if we apply adequate techniques we can get in this wonderful world. Play Therapy, like the others therapeutic demarche, represents an optimizing process of support or recuperation to the so varied potential of the child. Accompany with passion and conscientiousness, freedom and fantasy, gives amazing results.`
Mariana Isac – Play therapist

... details

IMPART- stimulation through Combined Arts , F.S.C.
Proiecte schimb de experienta- prezentare locatie 4 - 2008-Feb-6

A complex programme of stimulation through arts (visual arts, music, drama, motion, play) addressing disabled persosns and with outstanding results. It can be applied to any other type of beneficiary needing stimulation and self-development.

... details

Langdon Down Oltenia Association (ALDO-CET)
Proiecte schimb de experienta- prezentare locatie 1 - 2008-Feb-1

An organization that supports through numerous activities ( arts as well) children and teenagers with Down syndrome, and generally the disabled persons.

... details

`Inima de copil` foundation
Proiect schimb de experienta - prezentare locatie 2 - 2008-Feb-1

A foundation that runs diverse projects aiming at both offering direct support to HIV, disabled children and teenagers and at coordinating large activities in order to support networks of others NGO providers of similar services.

... details

CSC Speranta
Proiect schimb de experienta - prezentare locatie 3 - 2008-Feb-1

A centre that belongs to the state, receiving severe disabled children. They have a partnership with the English school.

... details

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