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music therapy

Music therapy is a bountiful, flexible discipline, in which the music is used as a creative, non-verbal way to help overcome our „client’s” difficulties. Those who benefit of the music therapy, our „clients”, are children or adults with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, emotional or behavioral problems. Often they can be old people, people with terminal illnesses, or those suffering with different mental health problems.

The consistent sessions of musical treatment offers our clients the acces to the main proces of the game. Therefore, the music therapy is able to encourage the non-verbal expression and the development of social abilitties (such as: listening/atention; direct personal contact, face to face). Also, the treatment sessions can develop self-conscioussness and interaction and can help in establishing personal relations, bringing a feeling of belonging to a group, and/or developing the client’s potential through creativ, spontaneous play.

Through the generosity of Music as Therapy

A group called HOPE
Afilipoaei Lucian - Instructor de educatie
C.R.R.N Sasca Mica, Suceava - 2007-Oct-1

Sasca Mica is a special center for rehabillitation which offers its means so as to create its own place, in a harsh and selective world. Within the center, music therapy sessions, which are extremely efficient for the beneficiaries, are organized. An artistic group of instrumental dancers and singers has been established and its name is Hope.

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Lobbying for Music Therapy
Doina Panaite - Psiholog
Presedinte al Asociatiei Terapia, Bacau - 2007-Feb-11

By combining the school activity with the specific therapy sessions, I noticed that music therapy is miraculous! The 15 children with Special Educational Needs-difficulties in learning, language disorders, hyperactivity, locomotor handicap-integrated in the regular school system, have known each other, have had fun together and have decided together to create the vocal group “Miracle”.

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Artists with fretwork guitar
Ancuta Ilies - Coordonator Centru de zi
“Sf. Maria“, Cluj - 2007-Jan-27

The first rock band of youngsters with mental disabilities was established a few years ago. It was their dream to have a band, as they had seen on TV. They don’t have an excellent voice or professional instruments. For them, music represents the right to a normal life, the right to passion and it’s their joy of living. In the future, we aim at establishing a small real orchestra, at finding the way to teach several youngsters how to play the instruments. Even if we are going to try this for a year, two or ten, we strongly believe that nothing is impossible.

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What Music therapy means to me and to my clients.
Monica Szabo - Psiholog
Scoala Speciala nr. 1, Oradea - 2007-Jan-25

I enjoy using music therapy with children with hesitating behaviour. It has happened to me to stand in front of the mirror and play the small drum. I was standing with my back to the child who was avoiding me and I was singing while observing him in the mirror. My position underlined `indifference`, nevertheless suggesting him cooperation only through music and through that interesting `never-explored` instrument.

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The joy of helping others by means of Music Therapy
Dan Felicia - logoped si profesor
Scoala Speciala nr. 1, Oradea - 2005-Jun-1

Felicia Dan is a logopedist-therapist and she works at Special School no. 1 in Oradea, district of Bihor. In 2002 she took part in the training session of introduction into melotherapy which lasted 6 weeks and was set up by the charitable organization Britanica “Music as Therapy”. From that moment on, Felicia often coordinates training sessions of melotherapy which take part within the music program at school.
Alexa Quin, Director of “Music as therapy”

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The beginning of a friendship
Monica Szabo - Psiholog
Oradea - 2004-Mar-1

She takes the instrument out of my hand, she looks at me and then she starts to sing... At first, she only gets one sound. She looks at me again less suspicious, with some sort of a joy... She’s so delighted that she feels the need of carrying on. She’s singing now the song of our friendship. A few moments later we’re singing together.

(Many thanks to the volunteers from Chance for Life Foundation for helping with the translation of this article!)

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