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art workers / art therapists

Art workers / Aart therapists
Combined Arts Workers use arts for a simple stimulation level, to develop self confidence of the persons found in difficulties, so that they can integrate in the community.

Also there are persons that are qualified in the domain of arts, music or drama who also have a degree and education in psychology. These ones practice a medical approach to the problems of the persons in difficulties and therefore are included in the category of Therapists.

Arts Therapists
(Graduates of Art therapy, Music therapy, Drama therapy)

Usually graduated arts therapists are persons with an university education and qualification in their subjects (music, theatre, art) and that attend along education in psychology in order to apply art in the analyses and recovery of the persons with psychological or behavioural problems.

In great Britain these specialists have national professional recognition and can work within the National Health Service (NHS) as therapists.

Combined Arts Workers
The Combined Arts Worker is a person that uses methods that have as basis arts (art, music, motion, drama, play) in order to stimulate and develop the potential of the disabled persons. But beneficiaries can be found in other social groups found in difficulty.

Thinking about the real need in the field the Network supports successfully the accreditation of this occupation in the domain of social assistance , in the professional sub- group called `Assimilated staff for care`.

The network collaborates with the different specialised ministries to develop the standards and curricula for this.

Catalina Nicolescu - 2011-Apr-19


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Combined Arts Worker
Bogdan Ardeleanu - 2009-Oct-7

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Bogdan Ardeleanu - 2009-Oct-5

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Un punct de vedere asupra Art Terapiei si a ocupatiei specifice
Tim Wright
Terapeut prin muzica si Artist Comunitar - UK - 2005-Jan-22

Terapia prin Arta este o profesie recunoscuta de stat in Marea Britanie. Aceasta autorizatie a inceput sa fie acordata terapeutilor prin arta de curand, desi in spitale si in domeniul ajutorului social acestia lucrau de aproape un secol. In Anglia, primul curs in domeniul terapiei prin muzica a avut loc in 1968, dar terapeutii prin arta au fost autorizati de-abia in 1997. Denumirea de terapeut prin muzica descrie astfel un anumit nivel de pregatire care se pliaza pe domeniile din arta.

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Lucratorul prin Arte Combinate - o noua ocupatie
Cornelia Petcu, Coordonator Reteaua de Arte pentru Comunitate - 2004-Aug-16

Reteaua IMPREUNA a fost activa si a definitivat documentele necesare (descrierea ocupatiei, documentele justificative, standardul ocupational, curricula) pentru recunoasterea oficiala a ocupatiei la Consiliul National de Formare Profesionala pentru Adulti. Lucratorul prin Arte Combinate va activa in domeniul Asistentei sociale, in grupa Personal de √ģngrijire si asimilat- Lucratori in serviciu pentru populatie, neclasificati in grupele de baza anterioare.

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Training art therapy
catalina nicolescu - 1970-Jan-1

Bucharest,26-27-28 march

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