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The art therapists usually have university degrees in their specific qualifications (music, art or drama) and they continue to follow psychology training in order to apply art in their diagnose and recuperation of persons with psychological problems and troubled behaviour. Within the UK these specialists have professional national recognition and can work under the National Health Services as therapists. The Art Therapists will analyze the drawings, the paintings or the modelling of their clients in order to understand their problems and help them resolve their individual situations.

Our children in dialogue with the arts
Colectivul Centrului de Plasament - 2009-Jan-22

‘I. Holban’ Placement Centre was founded on 1st August 2000 and it fosters 250 children and youth aged 7 to 26. In our centre we foster mainly children with locomotion, neurological and combined disabilities, chronical diseases. At ‘I. Holban’ Placement Centre we develop the following categories of activities for the free time of children:

Relaxation and socializing activities – reading, handiwork, computing, musical activities, watching Tv, parties and thematic festivals, walks in nature, visits at museums and theatre performances.

In the Handiwork Club and in the Painting Club the education of good taste is not the only form of education that our instructors have in view. At this club the children can improve their skills and artistic sense and develop manual abilities. They also acquire rich knowledge about the Romanian art.

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Little bees at Perieni
Cristina Radulescu, psiholog, Fundatia RTC, Bucuresti - 2008-Jun-13

A painting contest for children in rural areas it is a welcomed initiative especially that out- of school educational activities are rather seldom. The results are diverse: to emphasize the creativity and artistic talent as well as a socio-educational aspect that has in view to offer new future perspective, interaction with urban environment and the possibility of educational development. R.T.C foundation made possible such a project that is now the dream of many kids in Perieni rural area. In this article I want to share with you my thoughts regarding this activity of social implication.

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Visual arts and `non-formal` education
Neamtu Minel , educator specializat , Centru Henri Coanda, Bacau - 2008-Jun-4

Throughout his whole life man paints! He does it when is cheerful or sad, working or out of pleasure; man paints even when he is writing; he also does it when autumn leaves fall out of the tree or when he builds a home!

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A new hope!
Kim Tompkins - 2007-Oct-2

The volunteers from Child Outreach Partnership Initiative Inc., work together with the Romanian staff towards improving the lives of the children living in orphanages and placement centres still run by the Romanian government.

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Bocit Mihaela - Bacau - 2007-Jan-23

"STEPS IN COLOURS" is a painting class where beneficiaries are youths with physical handicaps. This painting class had as results the increase in the self assurance, development of emotion expressing capability and, not lastly, observing the everlasting aspect that a successful work of art possesses, this acknowledgment having a great self-therapeutic value.

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Thoughts of an Art Therapist from USA
Diana Matteson, Harrisburg, SUA - 2007-Jan-18

In this clinic I am fully sustained in my efforts to guide the clients with the help of Art Therapy, involving them in the creative process, developing their abilities that make them stronger, determining them to communicate thoughts and feelings and to get healthy habits to face the events.

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