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Training in stimulation through arts

Elena Nastac, coordonator, Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar, Bacau
- 2008-Jan-11 -
news from you

Impart programme from Bacau runs a diversity of projects for the disabled using stimulation through Arts. Among their activities you can also benefit from their long experince, by attending the training in stimulation through Arts.

Community Support Foundation from Bacau runs a program named Impart that is addressed to disabled persons from centres or community.

Impart team have gained and strengthened its professionalism during 15 years of work experience with all type of disabled persons from centres. The team members have learned the use of the Combined Arts Techniques for stimulation from renown British specialists (www.actionspacemobile.org, www.muzika.org.uk,www.suejennings.com,www.musicastherapy.org). Due to the English school tradition in the domain the methods are officially recognized and already in use at European level in order to stimulate and develop the skills of the persons with special needs. In their activity they have dealt with diverse cases and disability forms. Our specialists know well the behaviour characteristics of the children or adults institutionalised for long periods.

Following the good results they have had throughout time, in 2000 the team started to deliver training as they were asked to share their knowledge. Up to now, more then 1000 persons have been trained, in different counties of the country. Impart team is the author of the only manual on Combined Arts Techniques in our country, published with the support and counseling of specialists in the domain from Great Britain.

The training course `Combined arts Techniques for stimulation` is for the staff working directly with the disabled. The initiation course delivered by Impart is described by those that know it in 3 words: innovation, colure, result. The course offers solutions to difficult problems; therefore staff attending solved many of their dilemmas in the work with the beneficiaries: how to deal with an aggressive behavior, communication with the disabled, developing their abilities.

The methods Impart has taught are now the basis for many of the arts activity, in the centres across the whole country. Their efficiency has been shown through the improvement of the beneficiaries’ state. The initiation training has 3 days (21 hours) and it combines the theoretical approach with the the practical one, at the solicitant’s location.

Contact Impart: T/F: 0234 585 658 Email: impart@fsc.ro

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full text:

Am avut placerea, acum un an, in aprilie, sa cunosc echipa dnei Nastac. In urma cursului de "Tehnici de stimulare prin arta", am ramas cu deosebite cunostinte si amintiri placute iar dnele care ne-au onorat cu prezenta au dat dovada de mult profesionalism precum si de un suflet deosebit de cald. Recomand cu caldura echipa Dnei Nastac,dar evidentiez si importanta cursului prin tehnicile variate de lucru. Mihaela Luminare Scoala speciala nr. 4 Bucuresti

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu