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The arts as self discovering , Centrul Trepte, Bucuresti

Ortansa Moraru , Claudia Rai
- 2008-Nov-6 -
true stories

We are very happy that we have the possibility to tell others about the nice things that we make within a space simply called the Trepte Centre.

This is a day stationary focused on the problems of psychical disabled persons trying through its occupational activities to offer a more humane hand of help.

Participation into these activities makes us feel more valuable, indiscriminated, makes us communicate better and relax. But let us introduce ourselves to you…

My name is Ortansa. I know the Centre Trepte for 3 years and I have attended it as the daily programme of activities has fascinated me. I can say that I discovered here a real family. Many things bind us and much sufferance, as well as the trust in what we do. We are united, we share our experiences, we learn from each other. The real proof for our communication is that things we do are admired by those people that set up the centre.

Among the activities of the centre I can mention drama-therapy where we can use out artistic skills, being considered little actors with great souls; the group of psycho education, an occasion to find out more information about our disease a way to transform it from an unknown issue that frightens us into a difficulty that we are taught to overcome.

Our creative work is showed at open stage during Christmas and Easter celebrations, in front of a small audience comprising friends and colleagues, that overwhelm us with applauses and encouragements, confirming the value of our talent and their appreciation. As I have an eye for beauty and art the arts activities suited me well, my good taste can be seen in the works I make. The impact is outstanding more than my good state of mind , letting my imagination travel, I have the satisfaction of some appreciated things.

The painting group is very dear to me because I can produce individual paintings developing my sense of color and that of drawing, offering me a state of good and comfort. I express my joy spontaneously like that. Big paintings are made in group of 4 using vivid colors giving them a tone of optimism. At the end, with a common agreement we offer it a title as well.

Collage is a combination of drawing, color and cardboard with paper cuts discovering through the color and materials as many means of self expression for the state we have at the moment. And as every artist must have his glory moments we have a space where we display our works... made from the bottom of our hearts.

I am Claudia. I have been attending the centre for some time as I feel great in here. Here I have learnt wonderful things painting, such knitting, writing poems. Poems- I create them from my rich and sincere soul that I want to share with others. I really enjoy writing because I can communicate in a more spontaneous manner, full of meanings. For me the poetry is a very pleasant thing.

I take part into the group of painting where I usually paint in oil and water. With the help of this handcraft you can travel where you want in the country side, in the mountains, in the oceans.

You can be anywhere! When I paint the color it shows my inner feelings: the glittering yellow puts me in a world of harmony, clean and positive. The red shows the sun set, blue is the color of my soul, that embraces me. Green is hope. Colors speak to us!

I paint flowers at the windows, sun sets. Flowers are for me the portraits of people, faces. Maybe it sounds peculiar but I associate the painting of a flower with a face. When color is light my entire person is more vivid.

I said many things about what the people at the centre and the centre itself mean to me, but the most eloquent thing is my poem:

`From the corner in shadow The empty space inside me Throws light over the window While you are a sun’s smiling` (Window)

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full text:

Hello Amalia, I am psychologist in a state health center and working with a group of patients diagnosed with schizopfrenia, and yes i guess they must to learn how is to live from dance too. What u think? I invite u to be our guest and show us what mean live from dance. We cant pay u . If u will accept visit us just once i promiss u , u will havent nothing to loose. Thanks.

Amalia Strinopoulos
I am a new inhabitant in Bucurest and I have a feeling that what you are tallking about in this text is very interesting because it shows concern and care about people. I am a profetional dancer and I would be very happy to share my expertise with you.. I come from Greece and I can fairly understand Romanian but I don t speak it yet. Please e mail me and let me know what I can do. Amalia Strinopoulos Dance movement instructor Sos. Nordului 62 Bucurest, sector 1,014104

Carlea Adriana
Am o fata de 25 de ani absolventa arte plastice si este hipoacuzica. Va rog mult sa ma indrumati, sa ma sfatuiti ce sa fac pentru ca acest copil sa poata munci, sa intre in colectivitate, sa aiba prieteni, sa isi exercite talentul. Va multumesc din suflet pentru amabilitate.

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu