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the real people

chirila patrascu mirela
- 2008-Oct-17 -
true stories

People who worked in this field had mentioned of how isolated they felt and how they needed training, new methods, information and contact with others professionals doing similar work.

TRUE PEOPLE On 6 and 7 October 2008 I visited the center,\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'DREAM CHILD Center and St. Andrew of Craiova, opportunity that I was able to answer many questions that I have made during the educational activities of unit where work .. Go with the idea that many children who have different deficiencies, more or less serious, are integrated in units of mass education today, without taking account the opinion of a psychologist or other persons able to establish what is right children. After the visit I noticed the importance of carrying out various activities with each child separately, taking into account the degree of deficiency that we are but also the involvement of staff in helping these copii.Chiar if staff did not benefit from a salary as activity submitted, as actually happening in the education sector, we could admire the love for what each person in these centers. . Within each therapy I had the pleasure to observe and to take that model a vast learning material masterly made by these ladies who give evidence of long experience and professionalism. Following the visit remain the same conclusion, namely that if the integration of children with certain deficiencies should take into account the views of a psychologist competent to meet the maximum number of children enrolled in a group, but especially to ensure a permanent connection between teachers and others who can help mainly children difficulties. The main partnership that should make him a teacher is the one with a psychologist. In this way we can help our children and should not cadem in sin for us to consider omniscient and diagnostics that we do not need data. The truth is that many times their problems are not observed how and by whom should they going to meet the requirements above or below their individual possibilities. E chip that works in this center gave me answers that I will be a real help in the work of departe.Modelele tests, the methods used in the therapy through the arts are some of the things that you should observe them and they know many teachers, especially those who work with children with deficiente.Este a kind of invitation to the knowledge that you ask all those who love and being a teacher, panteru as a famous quote says, \\\\\\\"People, be human, this is your first duty! Beloved childhood, protected them games, pleasures and dragastoasele it starts!\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'(JJRousseau).

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu