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The beauty of Dance

Chiliment Valerica, director
Pop Ion, analist
Scoala pentru Copii cu deficiente de vedere Bucuresti

- 2007-Jan-19 -
dance and movement

The School for Sight Deficient People located in Austru Street grants education and support to more than 200 students with different levels of sight deficiency. During the last years the school’s base of technology and material has risen a lot due to a project of modernization of the European Bank of Investments. The project “Step in two” –financed by the National Authority of Persons with Handicap- starting with the summer of 2007; it is a vast project whose purpose is to integrate through dance people with sight deficiencies.

(Many thanks to the volunteers from Chance for Life Foundation for helping with the translation of this article!)

The School for Sight Deficient People is located in the building from Austru Street for over 50 years- it is an old building, close to the centre of the capital. Here is where children with sight deficiencies (such as amblyopia, cecity to name a few) take part to the process of education.

Aged between 5 and 15 years old, students mainly come from districts situated in Moldavia, Muntenia and Dobrogea. Parents are glad for their children who now have the possibility to practice their overdue sight in a specialized institution where they can prepare themselves for life and for a future profession assisted by experts. Although parents are pleased with their children’s opportunity, they can barely wait for them to come back home during holidays or weekends.

Up to 200 students knock on the school’s doors every new year and are looking forward to meet their classmates, no matter if they are in kindergarten, in the special class for children with deaf-cecity, in elementary classes or in middle school. By the time of this edition’s publication we hope to be able to confirm the foundation of a special 9th grade class of arts and trade: “Traditions, trades and interior decoration”.

Almost 80 specialized and experienced teachers offer the following:
-Instructive and educational programs adapted to students needs;
-Recovery programs peculiar to sight deficiency;
-Specialty evaluations: medical, psychological, logopedic, kinetotherapeutic, for establishing the diagnostics and the recovery program;
-Family and career counseling;
-Parental advice.

The school’s base of technology and material has risen a lot during the last years. The building is included in a project of modernization of the National Authority of Persons with Handicap: the classrooms have been endowed with new furniture, the therapy offices and surgeries have new equipments and use modern techniques which are very useful to our specialists.

The school has a library, a computer network, psycho diagnosis offices, informatics, social care, medical gymnastics, Braille office, sports field, a multifunctional gymnasium etc. In here the Sports Dance Club “Step in Two” carries on with its activity for more than 10 years, and in the spring of 2004 the new leadership of the school and the club’s representatives have decided to give the students the chance to walk in a Rhythm of Dance, within a vast project called such as the club “Step in Two”.

The project has been appreciated and financed by the National Authority of People with Handicap, whose purpose is to integrate through dance people with sight deficiencies, both children and grownups. Thus, the gym received investments and was refitted out; great resonance system spread chords of Wiener waltz, English waltz, tango, samba, cha-cha… Practice and rehearsal classes followed them; dance shoes measures have been taken and soon everybody entered in the ecstatic world of shows and feasts. The girls gracefully wore their special dance sandals and they were lead to the dance floor by mannered boys, with ties and crisp white shirts. They are the students of our school- students who didn’t resemble to the ones we knew from the study classes: the naughty ones or sometimes, the ones who didn’t even do their homework.

Those students from the stage were full of laughter, proud of their artistic performances and achievements. They were looking forward to their practice and new costumes; they’ve never been more on time, more communicative, more enthusiast, well connected to their team, relaxed and especially Truly Integrated.

We are determined to continue these artistic activities with our students for the joy of seeing the smile on their faces one more time. We thank NAPH for their trust in this project and we also thank for their effort and devotion to the wonderful team of coaches from the Sports Dance Club “Step in Two”, which is lead by Tina Maria and Virgil Grigore. We wait your visits with great pleasure, so come and meet us and our school!

School contact: phone number +40 021 320 33 63
Email: chiliment.valerica@k.ro

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Claudiu Manolea
As dori sa stiu daca ma puteti ajuta cu un sfat. Ce terapie as putea face cu copiii cu dublu handicap vizual si mintal? Va multumesc! Sper sa primesc un raspuns cat mai curand! Claudiu

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu