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Little bees at Perieni

Cristina Radulescu, psiholog, Fundatia RTC, Bucuresti
- 2008-Jun-13 -

A painting contest for children in rural areas it is a welcomed initiative especially that out- of school educational activities are rather seldom. The results are diverse: to emphasize the creativity and artistic talent as well as a socio-educational aspect that has in view to offer new future perspective, interaction with urban environment and the possibility of educational development. R.T.C foundation made possible such a project that is now the dream of many kids in Perieni rural area. In this article I want to share with you my thoughts regarding this activity of social implication.

On the 5 th of June 2007 I got to Birlad, for the first time with the summer bees. The day was wonderful, perfect for a walk in the town and to set the final details on our meeting with children at Perieni. During the night we prepared the materials (pencils, colors, colored papers) and made an agenda for the second day event: to bring children to Birlad, take them to the Zoo, drawing workshop with the theme `Sky, Earth and Earth surface` unfolded in the public garden of Birlad, talking on the painting contest theme- `Joy`. After all the preparations we went to bed, anxious about the day to come.

But early on Sunday the weather was rainy. Although I had the agenda in my mind, it was for the first time I was in such a situation and did not know how what was everything to end. We got to Perieni early. A part of the children were waiting for us, they were happy, innocent and shy like us.

When the 24 children were together we left by bus for Birlad. Again the rain! We had only one option: to take them all back to one of our colleague’s house, at Dana’s. We got there all wet but this did not affect the children’s spirit. They were living their adventure!

They organized themselves quickly: sat down on chairs, on the floor, staying close to each other. My colleague Dana presented them the contest theme: `Joy`, and they immediately found some inspiration images:` Men dancing in circle`, `Children picking up flowers`, `Candies`, `On the slope`. These were just a few of their ideas. Everything was easy! Paper, colored pencils and children were in action. Each in his place: on the floor, on the chair, shoulder to shoulder. Drawings came to life, step by step. But gradually exhaustion came over children, a normal state. Their interest must be kept awake and this is not an easy job.

So I asked them if they wanted to mould some clay. They made a tree, a house so that in the end they made a group work, a landscape. But the clay was not enough for their creativity and what should we do?

I showed them my jewellery, little coloured balls and told them they were made by me. One of the boys told me he did not believe me. `You do not? I shall show you how!` and I brought my bag with beads and displayed them all on the floor, in front of them.

They were astonished, with their eyes shining. One of them told me `Cristina, teach us how to do them!` and I took a piece of clay and showed them how to mould it in order to make a bead. They followed my example. When the beads were ready and soft I showed them how to transform them in cubes.

When all ended, the little ones invited us all to visit them back at Perieni, to draw and make beads. They offered themselves to host us. The most powerful proof of their appreciation as to us was the felicity cards they made for us. We shall come back here for sure a 24 small friends will wait for us with their arms opened.


Email: cristina_rdls@yahoo.com

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Alina T.
Marturisesc ca am citit cu nesat aceasta poveste de copii cuminti. Mi-a placut tonul naratiunii, de "amintire din copilarie", de basm cu personaje din viata noastra. O ilustrare coplesitoare a intelegerii minunatei realitati a copilariei. Felicitari Cristinei Radulescu pentru sufletul din cuvinte...!

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu