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Visual arts and `non-formal` education

Neamtu Minel , educator specializat , Centru Henri Coanda, Bacau
- 2008-Jun-4 -

Throughout his whole life man paints! He does it when is cheerful or sad, working or out of pleasure; man paints even when he is writing; he also does it when autumn leaves fall out of the tree or when he builds a home!

Therefore drawing and painting is a communication tool, a language, and as long as any `concept`has its beauty so painting has artistic powers when in the hands of the right artist.

The art of drawing involves, as in any other expression of this kind, a period of apprenticeship and growth, when we learn how to show ourselves in front of the world’s eyes, in front of our fellows or how to depict the sky in May…

In our residential centre `Henri Coanda` from DGASPC Bacau , assisting teenagers with mild disabilities we have succeeded to set up a small painting studio, and then to gather a group of teenagers up to 18 years , having a certain skill in using the language of colours; the starting group M. Florin, B. Razvan and D. Dana really helped us on the path of initiation for the other future apprentices; we are now looking again for partisans to give them the brush, the palette and the colours, the tools to speak out the thoughts on the world they live in, who just a few understand, or on the world they dream of but many refuse it to them.

Our activity is more like a club of visual arts, and we cannot speak of a certain type of intensive education in this direction, but more of a fusion of abilities, ideas and skills in a `non-formal` way.

Results? Yes, in 2006 we took part into a contest on the Children’s day by the company `UltraPro Computers`, with a drawing made by S. Ana-Maria, winning the first prize, and then, on the same occasion, at a contest organised by the County Council Bacau with Community Support Foundation, with a drawing made by M. Florin, winning again the first prize among 600 other works.

Centre contacts:

T/F: 0234 585 073 Email: neamtu.minel@yahoo.com

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Centrul Rezidential
Multumim pentru aprecieri!

ghita gabriela
sa daruiesti spre a primi mi se pare fascinanta aceasta initiativa si ii felicit pe cei care au obtinut rezultare atit de stralucite ............dar si pe cei care isi iau in serios vocatia de educatori si incearca sa ii readuca pe micii lor adepti in aceasta lume minunata......prin intermediul limbajului cromatic si a gramaticii vizual plastice ...e fascinant

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu