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A group called HOPE

Afilipoaei Lucian - Instructor de educatie
C.R.R.N Sasca Mica, Suceava

- 2007-Oct-1 -
music therapy

Sasca Mica is a special center for rehabillitation which offers its means so as to create its own place, in a harsh and selective world. Within the center, music therapy sessions, which are extremely efficient for the beneficiaries, are organized. An artistic group of instrumental dancers and singers has been established and its name is Hope.

Sasca Mica is a special rehabilitation center, which offers its means so as to create its own place, in a harsh and selective world. This can be seen from the way people show their work, from its palpable outcomes: 10 workshops with different profiles, where some of the beneficiaries practically work, beyond simply learning. Among these, we can mention: a workshop for weaving and sewing, a workshop for knitting, one for carpentry, one for wattling, greenhouses, shoemaking, zootechnics and many more. Beside these activities, the beneficiaries are involved in creative activities, such as music, which have positive effects for them.

Music therapy can be included in the wider field of psycho-therapy through art. The therapeutic value of music results from the many influences it has on the human psychological state of mind due to the complexity of the musical phenomenon. Within the music therapy activities, music is used for the recovery-as much as possible-of the decompensated personality of the persons in the Rehabilitation Center. We have been organizing music therapy at an individual as well as at a group level, setting the objective of the development of the sociability degree of the persons from the center, through the participation in the activities organized on groups.

Due to our desire of perserving the ancient national customs and practices, a desire which we felt in the persons living in the center, as well, and expressed by them during the developing of the different artistic programs, their way of singing, dancing, their joy of being on the stage in front of all the others, I decided to create a group of instrumental dancers and singers, called “Hope”. The group enjoyed great success starting with their first concerts, held within the center on the occasion of different events, in which officials took part as well (i.e. “The Day of the Open Doors”). The joy of having an original national costume, of interpretting, singing, dancing, has made them work harder.

Learning to play the organ, guitar, percussion, accordion is easier when you put your heart into it; some of the members of the “Hope” group managed to learn how to sing national folk songs by playing these instruments and much more: Dorel-organ, accordion and percussion, Rita-accordion and percussion, Vasilica-guitar-voice, Ciprian-xylophone (dulcimer, as he calls it) are very proud of what they do and very happy to discover the endless misteries of music. The professional dancers, as Mariana, Viorel, Ramona, Sorin and others consider themselves to be, say their life is a stage.

These people enchanted the audience present at the Techirghiol Town Days, Constanta, the Regional Festival for National Folk Music in Baia, the capital of Moldavia during Stephan the Great, the Sports Arena in Iasi, Suceava, Radaseni and they surpassed themselves, returning with honour diplomas. The modern dancing represented a challenge for the five members of the modern dance group Avon-a name they chose by themselves-, which determined them to understand that physical exercise combined with music is good for one’s health, as Bandusa and Ramona stated. Sorin is considered to be the manager of the group because he is the first to find out the hour they will perform on the stage. The chidren from the village school are happy each time the Hope group and Avon modern dance group participate in their school festivities, as honour guests. I am happy when these people, who have been working hard to get on the stage, are apreciated and I am mostly thrilled because they have made their voice heard in front of society through music, a society we will be working with for a long while until it understands that the best treatment is the love we can offer.

Contact details for “Sasca Mica”: Tel +4 0230 544 340
Afilipoaei Lucian, Education Trainer, C.R.R.N Sasca Mica, Suceava

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full text:

Ce mias dorii ca aceasta formatie sa soseasca cu spectacolul ca centrul de integrare prin terapie ocupationala odobesti de vrancea ,deoarece santem surprinsi d eactivitatile care se desfasoara acolo si se poate lua legatura cu directorul directiei generale de asistenta sociala si protectia copilului vn. daca candva se poate organiza un spectacol aici la odobesti cu grupul speranta near face o mar eplacere sa vedem la lucru aceast aformatie deoarece din ce este prezentat este surprins si placut.Ce ma impresionat ft. mult si atelierele existente acolo car esant destule si interesante ca meserii plus activitatile zootehnice si agricole felicitari si speram la cele mentionate mai sus. Sant salariat in cadrul acestui centru d ela odobesti si mias dorii mult cele specificate si ar fi un schimb de experienta si un ex. din partea unor beneficiari cu probleme specificului acestui centru sasca mic asi inca o dat afeloicitari

Am vz. imagini cu acest centru si sper ca in viitorul apropiat sa se ajunga la conditiile pe care centrul le doreste si deja vedem ca se demarazeaza un proiect pt. conditii normale pt. merita aceste pers. cu dizabilitati si sar putea face si mai mult cand in saloane vor fi cate 3-4 beneficiari dar avem incredere ca va fi standardele normale de trai in acest centru ear acest instructor succes pt. ce faceti si este ft. greu cu un nr. ft. mare de beneficiari.

Vin la acest centrul de 2 ori pa an ku prieteni mei din Anglia. De grupul Speranta,nici nu pot comenta sunt extraoridinari bafta tuturor din centrul ....nota maxima 10+

nota +10 pntru daruirea si competenta cu care va desfasurati activitatea intr-un sector atat de greu si atat de putin remunerat. Felicitari personalului si mult succes!

Manuela Pohoata
interesant ar fi si o dezbatere pentru copiii/tinerii cu dizabilitati severe:diversificarea activitatilor muzicale,imbinarea acestora...scrie-mi!

Doresc sa-i transmit domnului instructor Afilipoaei Lucian succes si daruire maxima in meseria sa. Acest material este foarte interesant si util ajutindu-ne pe noi cei care nu cunoastem prea bine aceasta lume, sa percepem o particica din ea.

Interesant si bine organizat. Bafta pe viitor! Manuela de la BLIJDORP Suceava

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Barbu Dana
Buna ziua, sunt kinetoterapeut la CSEI brasov si as dori sa stiu cum pot intra in posesia acestei carti. Va multumesc anticipat. Cu stima Dana Barbu